Trumping Trump on Twitter

This is the most retweeted tweet I’ve ever tweeted:

It blew up so much it attracted Donald Trump’s notice. He responded:

I dream of the day that I get nearly 1,700+ retweets of a story instead of a sentiment. Apparently I touched a nerve. It just kept going and going and going.

By the numbers, my tweet was amplified five times as much as Trump’s, with a bit less than 10% of the followers. On particular count, I may have “trumped” the real estate mogul on Twitter, although I think it’s safe to say that this is an imperfect gauge of public opinion. He also shows no signs of shifting his course.

On a more qualitative level, Trump’s @mention of me exposed me to a day’s worth of emotional feedback online. I received many negative @replies on Twitter when the @WhiteHouse retweeted me last July. The angry responses after Donald Trump @mentioned me this week, however, were worse in scale and composition.

As I gain more surface area online and in the media, through television appearances, I’m finding that I’m encountering more hate, fear, ignorance and anger everywhere. Honestly, I have a hard time not responding to people online. I’ve never liked seeing broadcast journalists and celebrities ignore people, even angry viewers or fans. It’s not how I’ve worked over the last decade and I don’t intend to change.

As I gain more of a platform to focus attention on issues that matter, this won’t get easier. The Internet mirrors what is worst in humanity, along with what’s best in us. The Web is what we make of it. It’s a bitter reality, though I think it’s been part of the public sphere as long as we’ve had one.


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14 responses to “Trumping Trump on Twitter

  1. When you respond to angry commenters/tweeters, do you feel like you’re feeding the trolls?

    • Alex

      Not necessarily. It’s certainly a risk. Some people are angry because of specific causes, actions, policies or history. Other people are angry for deeper reasons, from mental illness to personal animus. It’s important to understand the context.

  2. J. J. (@CasuallyProfane)

    Thank you for using the Web to mirror what is best in us. The temptation to do the opposite proves to be too great for many of us. It’s nice and perhaps I can go so far as to say inspiring to read your particular view of the consequences born out of gaining such massive online exposure.

  3. I’ve learned not to respond to people who only want to hurt me. There’s no point in it. I’m not going to change their mind, and I’m going to weaken my own position.

    Their intent is not an intelligent conversation. It’s to wear me down and break me.

  4. Caperton Miller

    Awesome! Someone needed to cut that fool down to size. One thought though. Maybe he’s not donating the money to hurricane relief himself ’cause he doesn’t have it. His interests have gone broke before:

    I’d love it if #trumpisbroke started trending. I also plan on starting a Facebook page called Trump Is Broke where we raise the 5 million bucks for Sandy relief in his name since he can’t. Wouldn’t it be great if all his stupid fans who love him cause they want to be rich d-bags like him just found out that he was almost as full of it as Madoff?

    Thoughts? Email me if you like the idea and want to help me set it up.

    Either way thanks!!! You’re awesome.

  5. That Jean woman having a go at you needs to get a life. You didn’t need to explain yourself to her, you were just highlighting the fact that someone like Donald Trump who has so much money can surely spare something for those in need. You have made a contribution so you should not be made to feel bad about asking your question.

    I’d have told her to the gherkin from out of her backside and eat it! I’m only a lady when I want to be. :P

  6. It seems you are gathering great experiential knowledge of how to make Twitter more than just a social network novelty. Perhaps more people will get away from the worthless trending nonsensical meanderings and get some action on matters that well…..matter!

  7. I have to say that it is nice that at least someone is trying to get something done. Like the guy above me said, to many people just tend to waste away with all this Facebook and Twitter. For most its just a popularity contest, but its good to see someone trying to use these tools to get some good done.

  8. Eric Halfmaester

    Is your metrics of “amplification” based solely on retweets? It could be that Trump’s followers who retweeted have greater reach than yours, just as it could be that in the technology industry your followers have greater reach than his.

  9. As in anything popularity breeds friends and enemies

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